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Afro Fusion

Into a different world!


Experience the energy of Afro Fusion in this weekly Beginners-level class led by Steffi Gail. Dance to vibrant afrobeats and afro house music, while learning moves from Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, and more. Steffi adds her unique touch to create captivating choreography that will ignite your passion for dance.
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Steffi Gail

Get to know Steffi and the afro fusion class!

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Steffi! Born in the Netherlands and raised under the sunny skies of Spain, my journey into the world of dance began as a teenager. This adventure started with commercial dance lessons and soon expanded to various styles like hip-hop, heels, afro fusion, and modern during my university years. My love for dance grew with each step, eventually leading me to salsa under the guidance of Wesley and Maaike, a journey I cherish deeply.

My experience

My commitment to dance is rooted in learning from diverse styles and teachers. This led me to embrace workshops and multiple dance classes per week in Valencia, London, and Amsterdam. After 14 years of training in different styles, I can’t wait to share my passion for dancing and experience with you. I have been teaching weekly afro fusion classes this year, heels workshops, salsa classes with Wesley and I was a guest teacher at a dance retreat in Portugal earlier this year.

What Makes Afro Fusion Special to Me?

The joy of afro fusion lies in its uplifting music – just play an Afrobeats track, and I’m moving! I love how afro fusion allows for free, expressive movements without the pressure of perfection. It’s all about feeling the groove and embodying the dance.

Teaching Afro Fusion - sharing joy and culture

Teaching afro fusion is a way for me to share the happiness and positive vibes that I feel in every class. It’s crucial for me to connect dance steps with their cultural roots, offering insights into their origins and significance.

Afro fusion for everyone

This class is perfect for beginners, but everyone is welcome! I structure the lessons in manageable segments, offering variations to suit different skill levels.

The Benefits of Afro Fusion

Afro fusion is not only about expanding dance skills. It’s about building self-confidence, improving body coordination, and enjoying a fun workout. It’s an excellent outlet for releasing day-to-day stress and immersing oneself in the music and movement.

My Favorite Afro Fusion Tracks

Some of my go-to Afrobeats tracks include ‘Dumebi’ by Rema, ‘No Stress’ by Wizkid and ‘Peppermint’ by Tekno. These tracks inspire me with their energy and always get me in a happy and joyful mood.

Advice for upcoming Afro Fusion dancers

To new dancers, I say: embrace the new and don’t worry about perfection. Growth happens outside your comfort zone. Remember, it’s not about nailing the choreography right away; it’s about consistent practice, embracing your unique style, and enjoying the journey. Focus on feeling the music and the steps will follow.