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Son Cubano

Son Cubano, also called the mother of Salsa is an originated style from Cuba 19th century. Salsa District has two amazing teachers, José Luis Pelayo Herrera and Nadya Toncheva! They will teach you all the fundamentals of the beautiful contra Tiempo, but let’s be honest it’s not contra Tiempo it’s just danced on 2 with the beat, not against it!

Your teachers

(Find more info about Nadya Toncheva on the Ladystyling & Afro Cuban Salsa page)

José Luis Pelayo Herrera & Nadya Toncheva

Get to know José Luis Pelayo Herrera and the Son Cubano class!

Who is José Luis Pelayo Herrera ?

José Luis Pelayo Herrera was born in Havana, Cuba and has been dancing since the age of 15, he trained in dance at the prestigious dance academy “Narciso Medina”. Here he has danced Rumba, Son, Chachachá, Mambo and Afro Cuban/Folklore, in addition he has further specialized his dance techniques through courses at Compania de Danza Nacional de Cuba in Havana (modern dance) and at Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba in Havana (popular dance and Cuban Folklore).

A Dance journey from Havana to the Netherlands

From 1994, José Luis has worked as a professional dancer with various dance companies in Havana, including dance company Folklor dance group “Ocha”, Folklor Dance Company “Ebano” & “Pinos Nuevos” and with Septet the musical group “Encuentro Cubano”.

From 2002, Jose has also worked as a dance instructor at the Cuban dance academy CNSEA (Centro Nacional de Superación de la Enseñanza Artistica), as a dance instructor for children at Dance Company La Colmenita, (National theater of Cuba) and at a private dance school in Havana Vieja (Marisuri, Escuela de Bailes Cubanos and taught Casino dance(Cuban salsa), rueda de casino. Jose also has experience in musical theater performances ( Hermanos Saiz Cultural Organization and Centro de Teatro de la Habana).

Since November 2006, Jose has been living in the Netherlands. He offers his students more than just Cuban Salsa. He introduces the students to various dance styles, all movements of which can also be used in Salsa Cubana. Think of Son, Mambo, chachachá, Timba, Rumba, Reggaeton, Rueda de Casino, Afro Cuban/Folklore.

A quote from Wesley the Founder of Salsa District

José Luis Pelayo Herrera is a Maestro known for floating over the ground when he dances, he dances like a true gentleman. This traditional way of dancing is very elegant and therefore really suits Son Cubano.

Certified dancer and a real Performer

José Luis Pelayo Herrera is one of the few Cuban dancers in the Netherlands who actually graduated from university in Cuba. This is quite unique and therefore a chance to learn from the best!

Son Cubano - For who is this?

This class is for anyone who wants to broaden their dancing and take their dancing to the next level. After this course you can also dance Son Cubano at any social, so this class is for anyone who wants to become a classy dancer .