From zero to hero (with a DISCOUNT)

Salsa Beginners 1

Level 1

For all who have never experienced salsa dancing before, this is the ultimate chance to learn the foundation of salsa. Use the discount code UNAFAMILIA to receive a €30 discount on your course! Still doubting? Come and see for yourself during a try-out. No obligations - it's all about fun!

Building on the basics

Salsa Partnering All Levels

Levels 2/9

Are you looking for fun Salsa classes, open our Salsa Partnering page to see what levels we all offer. If you have been dancing for a while, take a look at our new PLAY where we do everything just a little differently, let us surprise you 😉

Looking for something different?

Salsa Play

Level 10

Salsa Play = Musicality | Show | Fun | Choreography | Rueda class is all about creating something together! What if we dive more in to the music, what do we hear and what movement fit to this musicality. Sometimes we throw something Funky in between. We can make a show based on the music and with a rueda in between, we are going to do this together!!

Wanna become a strong dancer!

Salsa Fundamentals

All levels

This class is all about training the fundamentals, either you have no dance background or have an extensive dance background and want to improve your technique, this class is for you! Fundamentals are many things and more important than a lot of people think. In this class we will focus on Theory and Practice!

Wanna be that classy dancer?

Son Cubano

José Luis Pelayo Herrera and Nadya Toncheva!

Son, also called the mother of Salsa is originated style from Cuba 19th century. We have two amazing teachers, José Luis Pelayo Herrera and Nadya Toncheva! They will teach you all the fundamentals of the beautiful contra Tiempo, but let’s be honest it’s not contra Tiempo it’s just danced on 2 with the beat 😉

Shine on the dance floor!

Lady Styling

Give your salsa styling more spice and learn to open up. Develop your femininity and improve all your moves. In this class you will get technique, body movement, arm technique and spins all by Nadya Toncheva. It's very unique that we have her, she is a international high class dancer, choreographer and performer, you can learn from the best!

Dancing all around

Advanced Rueda

Rueda is fun!!! Chaos is guaranteed! Wesley has a unique way to explain and make fun with all kind of different structures like: Llanta, Trebol, Mixta, Pa'feura, Pa'Dentro, Avenida and Todo. For the experts under us you know what above structures means, but still the Rueda's were doing are in a funny way very advanced. For others who wanna learn more about Rueda just come and see!

Intro to a different world

Afro Fusion

Experience the energy of Afro Fusion in this weekly Beginners-level class led by Steffi Gail. Dance to vibrant afrobeats and afro house music, while learning moves from Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, and more. Steffi adds her unique touch to create captivating choreography that will ignite your passion for dance.

Ultimate mixture of cultures

Afro Cuban Salsa

Experience the energy of Afro Cuban Salsa in this weekly class led by Nadya Toncheva. Dance to vibrant Cuban Salsa rythm, while learning afro styling. Nadya adds her unique touch to create captivating choreography that will ignite your passion for dance.