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If you're looking to expand your salsa repertoire for dancing to Salsa Timba music, this Afro Cuban Salsa class is tailor-made for you. Led by Nadya, an expert in incorporating Afro elements into her dance, you'll learn awesome styling and enhance your musicality. Let Nadya's knowledge elevate your dance presence, making your moves smoother and more captivating.
Your teacher

Nadya Toncheva

Get to know Nadya and the afro Cuban Salsa class!

Who is Nadya ?

A Salsa Prodigy with international flair.

Born in Plovdiv,Bulgaria, where she started dancing at very young age learning rhythmic gymnastic and Latin ballroom dance.

A Dance journey from Plovdiv to Global stages

Nadya’s journey, beginning in Plovdiv at age 7, unfolded as a captivating dance odyssey. By 20, she emerged as a versatile force in an amateur troupe, evolving into a Salsa sensation. Dominating competitions, mentoring talents, and becoming a certified choreographer, Nadya’s impact resonates globally, enchanting audiences with her rhythmic charisma and unforgettable performances.

Nadya the Trailblazer from the Bulgarian Salsa Scene

From 2016 to 2018, Nadya dominated Bulgarian Salsa Ladies Style competitions, clinching multiple victories with her stunning performances. Her prowess extended to mentoring young dancers, leading them to triumph in high-octane dance competitions.

Certified Choreographer and International Performer

In 2019, Nadya added a new feather to her cap as a certified dance choreographer, further enhancing her already impressive dance repertoire. But her impact isn’t just local; Nadya has captivated audiences across Europe and the US, shining on TV shows, grand events, and international dance festivals. She’s shared stages with globally renowned bands and orchestras, leaving a trail of unforgettable performances marked by rhythm and charisma.

Experience the Magic with Nadya

Nadya’s journey is a testament to her passion and skill in salsa. Her infectious energy and innovative teaching methods promise a unique and exhilarating learning experience for dancers of all levels. Join Nadya and step into a world where each move tells a story, and every rhythm ignites a new adventure in dance.

Afro Cuban Salsa - For who is this?

This class is for anyone who wants to learn and improve their body movement technique and taking their dance in salsa to the next level.

My Favorite Songs!

Offcourse I have a lot of favorite songs but 1 of them is Chaca Chaca from Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor. Tell me your favorites songs in class and maybe i will use them 😉